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Docklands Just a short walk from Melbourne CBD, our Docklands location connects us with prime real estate and a highly sought after location. Melbourne’s Docklands is a thriving district with so much much to offer. From food and drink to shopping and entertainment, this inner suburb of Melbourne has it all. Docklands is a modern harbour development famous for its shopping and dining as well as its city and river views. Docklands is truly a…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Selling a Home

Along with buying property, selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions you’ll ever make. As such, it requires careful planning, dedicated research, and plenty of preparation. To get you started, we’ve created this beginners’ guide, which talks you through some of the key tasks involved in selling your home. …And good luck. Preparation We’ve all heard the stories about terrible agents, but how do you know if your agent is going to…

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5 Reasons To Use a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Thinking about selling your property privately? Think again. In our opinion, the risks and losses involved in selling privately far outweigh the pennies you’d save on agent commission fees. The reality is that selling property requires a number of key skills and abilities that only a real estate agent has. Read on to get the top 5 reasons you should always use an agent to sell your home. 1. You get your property in front…

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Property Investment: Then and Now

Are you considering investing in property? Whether you speak to an experienced property investor, friend or family member, you will hear different advice. Put simply, the property market continues to change dramatically. This can make the process of buying an investment property difficult. Despite believing they have a good understanding of current trends in real estate, investors will often find that their information is outdated. Read on to discover where the property market is heading…

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Ausin Group (Australia) Pty Ltd has contacted the select number of buyers impacted by the alleged fraudulent collection of settlement monies by former referral partner, Shenzhen Ausin Investment Consulting Co. Ltd and its principal, Mr Jin, to provide clarity on the status of their property purchase. Ausin Group (Australia) is saddened by the circumstances surrounding the alleged fraud. The group is currently working with each affected buyer to understand their position and determine the options…

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澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司已经和那些受到前中国营销合作方 -- 深圳澳信投资顾问有限公司及其所有人金先生涉嫌挪用购房者交割房款影响的当事人取得联系,与他们积极洽谈物业购买情况以及下一步安排。 澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司对于目前的情况深感震惊,正在和每个受影响的购房者洽谈,了解情况并帮助他们拟定最佳选择方案。 澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司是一家在澳大利亚独立运营的持牌房地产经纪公司,代表开发商销售房产。 澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司一直以来要求所有购房者必须直接向开发商或者澳洲过户律师的信托账号进行转账。澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司从未收取过任何购房者的款项,也不会持有购房者的任何房款。 澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司已就前中国营销合作方 -- 深圳澳信投资顾问有限公司及其所有人金先生涉嫌挪用购房者交割房款一事,向中国有关部门和澳大利亚当局举报。 澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司已经终止了与金先生以及他的公司签订的所有协议,将尽所能积极配合有关部门,确保将此事进行彻底调查。 澳信集团(澳大利亚)有限公司对于那些受到影响的当事人深表同情,将尽力给予那些听取法律意见、遵守当地法规的当事人协助。 受到影响的购房者可以向中国经济犯罪调查部门(ECID)提交受害报告,或联系澳大利亚警方,新南威尔士州的立案代码为E68333323,昆士兰州的立案代码为QP1801537795。   媒体查询请联系:

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Ausin Group (Australia) is saddened by recent allegations of fund misappropriation in China against its Chinese marketing referral partner, Shenzhen Ausin Investment Consulting Co. Ltd and its owner, Mr Harry Jin. In light of the seriousness of these allegations, Ausin Group (Australia) has terminated its relationship with Mr Jin. and referred the matter to Australian authorities. Steps are being taken with Chinese authorities and Ausin Group (Australia) is working closely with vendors affected. Ausin Group…

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