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Ausin Group (Australia) Pty Ltd has contacted the select number of buyers impacted by the alleged fraudulent collection of settlement monies by former referral partner, Shenzhen Ausin Investment Consulting Co. Ltd and its principal, Mr Jin, to provide clarity on the status of their property purchase.

Ausin Group (Australia) is saddened by the circumstances surrounding the alleged fraud. The group is currently working with each affected buyer to understand their position and determine the options available to them.

Ausin Group (Australia) Pty Ltd is a licensed real estate agent that operates exclusively in Australia; selling properties on behalf of client vendors.

Buyers who purchase properties via Ausin Group (Australia) must make payment for their purchases either directly to the vendor, or to a solicitor’s trust account in Australia. Ausin Group (Australia) does not, and has never, collected funds on behalf of any purchaser.

Mr Jin and his company have been reported to Chinese and Australian authorities regarding allegations of the fraudulent collection of settlement monies.

Ausin Group (Australia) has ceased its relationship with Mr Jin and his company and is working with authorities to ensure the matter is thoroughly investigated.

The Ausin Group (Australia) is deeply sympathetic towards those affected, however, the group can only provide support to those who have abided by local jurisdiction laws and regulations and have followed legal advice from their solicitors.

Affected buyers have also been encouraged to report their case to the Economic Crime Investigation Department (ECID) on China. Buyers can also contact the police in Australia; quoting the event number E68333323 if their property is in New South Wales or QP1801537795 in Queensland.


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